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The Importance Of STD Testing


STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are basically diseases, infections or viruses that are passed from one person to another due to sexual contact. Getting an STD can happen to anyone and it is essential that you do regular STD testing if you are sexually active. Now, many people think that they don’t have to get regular tests if they aren’t promiscuous. However, even though you may not be promiscuous, you can’t be completely certain that your current partner is STD free or faithful to you. Adultery and cheating is unfortunately quite common in modern society and even though you are in a serious and monogamous relationship, you should get tested at least once every 6 months to a year.

Now, there are many different types of STDs and some of them have common symptoms. For example, a few symptoms include genital itching, discharge from the vagina or penis as well as burning when urinating. You may also develop sores or pimples in the genital area or even around your lips and mouth if you have participated in oral sex. However, all because you may not have any of the above symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you’re STD free. There are many infections that don’t have any symptoms and you can get an STD from a partner that doesn’t show any of the above symptoms as well.

In addition to getting regular testing, you should practice safe sex in order to prevent getting an STD. This means that you should use condoms, dental dams and other items for sexual protection. STDs are transmitted through the exchange of sexual fluid, saliva and blood. As a result, the use of condoms is absolutely critical. When it comes to oral sex with a female, dental dams are also essential to prevent the swallowing of any female secretions which could cause an STD.

So, now that you understand the importance of testing, you may be wondering how can you get tested. Unfortunately, many women and men think that they will be tested when they have their annual check up at the doctor or when they get a pap smear. This is not true and you have to ask your doctor or health care provider for an STD test. Or you can go to a center such as the std testing corpus christi center.  In the event that you’re unsure if you need an STD test done, you should discuss your sexual habits with your health care provider and they will give you the best advice and guidance.

In many cases an STD diagnosis can be given by the doctor based on your symptoms and a physical exam. In the event that no symptoms or physical evidence is present, the doctor may have to take a blood sample to be tested by a lab. This can take a few days or weeks in order to get your results. In the event that you are diagnosed with an STD, the doctor will create a treatment plan that you can start right away.

In closing, we have just covered the importance of STD testing. Sexually transmitted diseases are no joke, so you should make sure to practice safe sex and get tested on a regular basis.